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quote a significant impact on the debate. during the debate on the protect america act in the fisa act of 2007 and 2008 i felt a critical legal and factual information unnamed to the public and information to congress,
. today is america's tea party. this is the biggest tea party of all. i congratulate each and every one of you. >> when our elected official $were on recess, they were not very hos pit al at these town halls. we are not sure where many of them where. you see in the south, hospitality is everything. we decided to bring the hospital at and the tea party to the capitol. they have no other alternative. i have been very blessed the past two weeks on the tea party express. you know about the tea party express! you know, somebody told me before i left to go on that bus tour, i don't know why you are doing that, no one is going to show up. they were wrong. we started in sacramento, we have travelled across this koirpt and join you here today. i can't believe this crowd, i knew it was going to be big last friday after we left dallas, texas. we had a stop expecting 50-100 people. when we pulled up, we had to be escorted in by the highway patrol. there were 800-1,000 people at that rest area to i want to congratulate each and every one of you for making this trip and journey. we are you will in th
quote with a railroad tie, kind of a norman rockwell america. i happen to believe in norman rockwell america. i know there were times that were bad and places that were bad, and problems in those times, but people were generally good. they had values, and they knew what was of value. i believe in the times -- do
america should have a permanent seat and -- should have a permanent street and this young country -- two or three countries have a seat. everybody should have a permanent seat. the united states of america which is the 50 countries, it has already permanent member seat security council -- once it is -- once it is established or about to be established and have a member seat. -- should have a member seat. 22 countries. islamic country, 45 countries should have also member state. life movement should have a permanent member seat and security council. then we have the g-100, then we think about perhaps all small countries, the forum of small countries, perhaps they would have a member state, permanent member seat also if there are countries, like the -- that i mentioned maybe we can assign a permanent seat will be given to them by rotation every six months -- but -- australia, union, australia or another country but perhaps not join the -- or russian or not a member in the year of being union or -- or latin america union or the african union but perhaps a country will be given -- this is a
us for the work we have a head. we know that america has always endured a chorus of critics, people who claim that every ill, and reap failure in the world is america's all -- every failure in the world is america's fault. you may have seen, he told arab tv that america has dictated to other nations. no, mr. president, america has freed other nations from dictators. [applause] you saw that he told europeans that america has been arrogant, dismissive, and derisive. america has been diligent, dedicated, and decisive. [applause] my guess is, you are like me. when an american president journeys abroad, it is nice to see him applauded and praise. when the price for that adoration is one apology after another for alleged offenses by the united states of america, it is not worth it. i would rather see a president greeted abroad by complete silence, as long as he is defending our country's character and not playing to our critics. [applause] i think all of you in this room understand that these are times that call for a strong america. china is on track to become the largest economy in the
the resources of african nations and latin america. they took all the oil, the fruit, vegetables, the stock, and the people. now the new generation of africans and latin americans are looking for these ones that have been usurped and stolen. [unintelligible] they told me that i am going to take -- i don't go. i stop. make a decision to bring all these resources so that more emigration from the philippines to let america -- to latin america. let us have the world that was taken from us and looted from us. africa deserves compensation. $7.77 trillion. that is what thafrica it deserv. if you don't give us this amount, we will go to where you have taken, bring the money back. even though libya -- why is there no libyan emigration to italy? [unintelligible] 80 in agreement with italy -- a treaty and an agreement with italy. we should not be -- if they will not accept to be attacked by air and sea against libyan people, maybe we will compensate for the next 20 years. we will pay -- [unintelligible] because of the minds during the second world war when mines were laid. they said they were sorry an
>>> part two of the examination of the state of black america on this edition of "our world with black enterprise" is up next. >> having a black president does not necessarily mean a black agenda is in power because barack obama must be president of the entire nation. ♪ our world our world ♪ >> hello, everyone. i'm ed gordon. the national urban league's release of the state of black america 2009 message to the president takes on some of the central issues that directly affect the black community. national urban league's ceo believes in obama's idea of hope and change but knows that the fate of black america does not solely rest on the president's shoulders. he believes much of the change needed must come from the black community itself. joining us today to weigh in on the state of black america are stanley crouch, columnist, new york "daily news," errol lewis, wwrl new york morning radio host and new york "daily news" columnist, and manning merrill, professor of african-american studies at columbia university. i welcome you all, gentlemen. thanks very much. i want to pic
are not living up to that responsibility. sean: blame america first turns into blame america for everything. a parade of dictators rolls through new york city. >> america does not accept the legitimacy of continued israeli settlements. sean: the president takes a stand against israel? >> sean hasn't was right. sean: and michael moore like you've never seen him before. also, governor patterson gets his revenge on the white house. all of that plus michelle malkin, anne coulter and coach lou holtz. "hannity's america" starts receipt now. president obama addressed the united nations general assembly for the first time since he was sworn into office. and the dictators assembled there heard from a very different president than this country has become accustomed to over the past eight months. who seems to have forgotten some of the defining moments of his own presidency. let's take a look. >> like all of you, my responsibility is to act in the interests of my nation and my people. and i will never apologize for defending those interests. sean: he'll never apologize? this from the president who has
the national labor unis includi 2.5 million members in working america, it's include community affiliate. but we are pleased and you will enjoy because he's a passionate advocate and charismatic leader. and having his energy and vision is a great way for us to kick off the important speaker series for us. many of you saw his 20082008 speech for the field workers challenging races. which more than 500,000 americans watched on youtube. you know what i'm talking about. richard trumka has a fire that burnstrong and bright. but he also has a representation. these two attributes make him a leader worthistening to. i look forward to how to revisallize the labor and our economy. after the remarks, we look forward to dialogue with you that david will moderate. please join men welcoming richard trumka. >> i want to thank saraor those very kind words. but more importantedly for all that they do to respond, all that you do here to response to the challengeshathis country is up against. i'm convinced that decades from now whether the historians look back at the last eight years they won't only see it
these problems in the context of america's identity. before we bring mr. shama out, we will show you a short clip from his new documentary, that shares the same name of his new book. >> it was a hard american winter. a tough time for americans. but out there, beneath the ice, something big was staring. an awakening of the unruly animal -- american democracy. this presidential election isn't like other elections. those who lived here felt the first tremors of a political earthquake. it's not only a war gone back and an economy on the skids, but a nationwide root of the aftermath of hurricane katrina. >> i promise you, i will lead america in the 21st century and make you proud. i will restore your trust and confidence in government. >> that's what their votes are saying -- help us to believe in the american future again. in iowa, i saw citizens going to the polls in double the numbers of the last election. it's odd, in a country possessed with it, it's epic figures is treating is a living, breathing thing. >> we are not a collection of red states and blue states. we are the united states of america
is great but the government is trying to destroy it, stand up and come follow me. hello, america. it's 5:00 on the east coast. i'm glad that you are here. wow. what an amazing weekend this was. the 9/12 rally happened in d.c., and if there was any question on where america stands right now, i think these images from d.c. should help answer them. look at the number of people. you know, the estimates on the crowd size range wildly. i read a story last night from "the daily mail" in london and they say it was about 2 million. i have also read stories that it was the ob blig tory tens of thousands of people. yes, there are tens of thousands. i think that was a lowball, i think. whatever the actual number is, it doesn't really matter. look at pictures. the turnout was absolutely astonishing. take a look at the side by side comparison. now, can you show the side by sides here? on one side, it is saturday, and this is a traffic jam, the one that is moving stop action. that is not even the mall. that is constitution. that is overflow on constitution avenue. that's the mall in washington, d.c. in
. saying the u.s. wants to work with others not on its own. but he also insisted america's critics show good faith. margaret warner has our lead story report. >> it is my honor to address you for the first time. >> reporter: president obama came before the u.n. general assembly this morning with a blunt call for greater cooperation and engagement at what he called "a pivotal moment" for the 64-year-old world organization. >> no longer do we have the luxury of indulging our differences to the exclusion of the work that we must do together. the time has come for the world to move in a new direction. >> reporter: mr. obama acknowledged america has not always lived up to its ideals. but he said he's made concrete moves in a new direction-- from outlawing torture and the to re-engaging on middle east peace and arms control. now, he said, it is time for other nations to answer the call. >> make no mistake: this cannot be solely america's endeavor. those who used to chastise america for acting alone in the world cannot now stand by and wait for america to solve the world's problems alone. we h
you have to make an investment in america and in defending america. you know, we all ways hear and speak kindly and admiringly of the greatest generation and you all know what that was. the generation that survived the great depression. one world war ii and the policies that survived the cold war. the again investigation only great until the next generation that has a challenge that threatened america's core values. every 20 years we have one that summoned to do something on behalf of the defense of america. civil war generation. 75 years later we ended slavery and had to unite the country and bind the nation's wounds. 75 years after that the depression, world war ii. the cold war. i'm not here to tell you the challenges before us are of that magnitude but they could be. especially if you lose. 75 years after the world war and depression with another challenge to america's freedom and independence. big government. i'm here to tell you if you win this fight as you wanted in 1977 and 1973. if you win it again your children and your grandchildren the children will be able to say t
of america." >> tom reid, when was the first time you thought about the issue of health care? >> when you move, your kids say, you're wrecking our life. we moved to london, the kids said, you're wrecking our life. we will make the transition as easy as possible. our 13-year-old goes to camden town, finds a guy selling brass earrings. of course, you have to have your ears pierce, so the guy says, no problem, here, pierces her ears. they got infected. we've been in the country four days, didn't know where the doctor was or anything. what do you do? we went to the cab, the cab driver says, no problem, mate, he took us to st. mary's hospital next to paddington station. you walk in that hospital, there's a gold plaque that says, on october 28, 1928, sir alexander fleming discovered penicillin in this hospital. which i'm sure is true. and it looked like it hadn't been painted since 1928. british hospitals, they're grody, they have buckets catching leaking rain, not reassuring. we got to the casualty ward, the e.r. a woman in a starched white uniform corm, the matron, she spots which of us has a
. that would give everyone in america the opportunity to see at least some of what is in the bill. the people who write this bill can really very some things in it, but we would have a good idea -- can really barry -- bur y some things in it. greta: the judges are called activist because they cannot figure it out, and then we have more troubles. it might be good to write it so that we can all understand it. >> that is exactly what we should do. greta: thank you, sir. thank you, sir. >> greta, thank you. greta: some democrats think illegal immigrants should get medical coverage in the new health-care bill, not legal immigrants. some people have written letters to speaker pelosi. it said illegal immigrants should buy into a government-run health-care plan. why? a congressman is signed the plan joins us. why should illegal people here in the united states have the ability to buy into the program -- a congresswoman who signed the plan joins us. >> good evening. first of all, let me say that nancy pelosi has already committed to the question you posed in the last section, that it will be, the legi
will it cost? he doesn't know. turns out to be about a $47,000 procedure in america. i said to him, what can go wrong? he said it's major surgery, there are always some risks. like what? disease, paralysis, death. and i thought, maybe i ought to get a second opinion and actually i got about 20 other opinions. soy took my shoulder around the world, i was trying to get a cure for this, but i was also looking for a cure for our health care system. >> back to dr. frohlich at the time, you're not working there "the washington post" anymore. >> no. >> are you on medicare? >> at that time, i was working for "the washington post," we had good insurance, would have covered most of it. it would have cost me out of pocket about $1,650. >> are you on medicare yet? >> yeah. >> now what would happen? >> first you'd have to go to a second doctor to agree it was necessary. i think i'd get the operation, i don't know what it would cost. i don't know -- you can't tell in america. you know. >> give us another example of a doctor you visited about the shoulder. what about japan? >> that was the widest choice of ca
me to be here tonight as the 44th president of the united states of america. >> the 20th century civil rights journey began with the birth of the naacp in 1909, and that journey led to the first black president in american history. as the black president himself observed in a salute to the naacp's 100th anniversary. but the president also sounded a note of realism. >> even as we celebrate the remarkable achievements of the past 100 years, we know that too many barriers still remain. >> he then listed some of the barriers. first, unemployment. >> we know that even as our economic crisis batters americans of all races, african- americans are out of work more than just about anybody else. >> the national unemployment rate is 9.5%, for blacks, 15%. second, prison. >> we know that even as we imprincipal more people of all races than any nation in the world, an african-american child is roughly five times as likely as a white child to see the inside of a prison. >> reporter: one in 100 americans are behind bars. for blacks, one in 15. h.i.v. aids. >> we know even as the scourge of aids
? guest: in america, you have to go to a second doctor to find that it was necessary. i don't know what would cost. you cannot tell in america. host: give us another example of another doctor you visited. guest: japan had the widest choice of care. i went to a famous or to pick climate -- orthopedic clinic. you don't wait in japan that afternoon, i was in the office of the orthopedic surgeon. he did something that no other doctor did. he called up my condition on a computer and read about it while he was treating a parade was very reassuring to me. in japan, their insurance would pay for the broadest range of treatment. he would have given me the operation, he would have given me months or years of physical therapy and he suggested monthly course of shots. that would been free in japan. they will also do traditional chinese medicine in japan for the debut acupuncture very big debut herbal remedies. all that is covered by japanese insurance. in japan, the operation would cost $10,000 but michael bay would have been about $65. -- but my copiague would have been about $65. -- but myco-pay
, and venezuela. and in the dominican republic. why were the people of latin america at and the caribbean is not allowed to build their own future? they were not. this is our century, and we are going to build our own pathway and nobody -- nobody can stop us. imperialism must be over. it has to stop. i was asking lula, what would happen in latin america, today? what if the governments of latin america, what would this be like, if latin america -- if the americans had not imposed their model, with firepower and blood, if they had not turned out the lights of the dawn. when i was born in 1954, fidel castro was in jail. guatemala was being invaded. president guzman and the bay of pigs. that was a failure. and then, revolutionary cuba. it was dignified, but blockaded. obama, lift the blockade in be consistent. do what you are talking about, or are there two of you. obama said yesterday, yesterday this is little left spoke before. obama said no political system can be imposed on the people. the sovereignty of each people must be respected. what are you waiting for? lift the savage blockade. th
of directors of bank of america that he will step down by the end of the year. sources tell cnbc this was his decision, they're telling me, not the board preb, not regulatory pressure but he thought take one for the team, so to speak. he's come under a lot of pressure stuff, all the bonus stuff, the cuomo investigation. but ken lewis is out. that will be by the end of the year. and what they're telling me inside b of a, and we are speculate about this all day long, is that it's his decision, he wants to go, he wants to spare the company further turmoil, and he does have a succession team. we have five names we should put up there. these are the guys that are possibly -- do we have those names or do you want me to read them out in. >> why don't you go ahead and -- >> these are five or six names -- by the way, there's no successor named right now. i think that's going to be done in the next couple months. he's note feith the boaifying t now. joe price, the cfo. brian moynihan, the head of the consumer bank. sally krawchuk, the head of brokera brokerage. tom mont ag the head of trading. there we
, everybody, peace. [cheers and applause] >[cheers and applause] >> what's up, america? [cheers and applause] let's set the record straight right now. we are here today because we, the people, have had enough. [cheers and applause] we will not sit silently while our liberties and our freedoms are being looted by elected officials serving their interests and not the interest of their constituents. [cheers and applause] we will not sit silently and let the massive wealth of government smother our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. [cheers and applause] we will not sit silently and let the massive growth of government debt smother the future -- our futures and futures of our children. our rally today, people, is about liberty. personally, i will not sit silently and let those who criticize our cause call it about race and call as rednecks. [cheers] jenin rafah loeanione garafalo,t read. i am outraged that there are prominent politicians i use the race card any chance they get to color their failures and failed policies. [cheers and applause] i am also outraged that black poli
steve: after the show show, we are going to talk to miss america. join us tomorrow, same time, same channel. gretchen: we are willing to have rescue dogs here. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: good morning, everyone. fox news alert, live pictures from the u.n. president obama addressing world leaders in one hour. security is tight. counter-terrorism officials are on high alert, sweeping the area for terrorists and bonds linked to a terror plot. this video is from about one week ago. local police are patrolling sports stadiums, hotels, and entertainment complexes as the ongoing investigation raises a red flag. that story is still developing today. in the meantime, another fox news alert after this development in the health-care debate. the congressional budget office this morning that the newest health-care overhaul plan in the senate will mean that seniors could take a big hit in medicare benefits. the so-called max baucus bill being debated would "reduce the extra benefits that would be made avail
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. hello, america. i have to tell you, i would much rather be -- can you show the pictures of washington. i would much rather be in washington, d.c. today where thousands and thousands of people, the official estimate is 60,000 people, i used to live in washington, d.c., can you bring the full screenshot of the top screen behind me, please? yeah. that is from the steps of the capitol. i lived in washington. more than 60,000, we will go with the official numbers today. i'm not in a good mood because i would rather be there quite honestly and standing in the crowd with people. and the other thing is i spent an hour in traffic. that is how out of control our government is. here in new york, they had a labor day parade today, the week after labor day. nobody stood and watched it. it was labor unions walking down the street and so they closed traffic here in new york. it was i felt festive. now, we go to washington, d.c. the people are calling this an antitax tea party, maybe it is. personally, i think this is a collection of people who have never probably marched before. they never protested fo
'll see you next week. >> hello, america. welcome to the glenn beck program. tonight what is happening in venezuela may remind you of something that you're not seeing on the surface here in america, we'll show you indoctrination and a show you don't want to miss, it's all coming together, isn't it? do you believe this country is great but the government is trying to change america, fundamentally transform america, you better stand up and come follow me. me, follow me. >> glenn: hello, america, you and i have been trying to figure this out and one of the critics don't understand that i think out loud. these are not rhetorical questions. i really want answers. if i'm wrong, please let me know how. let me figure the puzzle out because that is what this is, life has become a stupid puzzle. for quite some time i've known back in the bush administration on the border, it's all about security. it wasn't right. something is not right. you've known it as well, but you can't figure it out. it's not just obama is liberal or the stupid political games of left hand right. i'm done playing those gam
] captioned by the national captioning institute glenn: hello, america. tonight what is happening in venezuela may remind you of something that you're not seeing just under the surface here in america. we'll show you. indoctrination and so much more. tonight, a show you don't want to miss. it's all coming together, isn't it? if you believe this country is great but the government is trying to change america, fundamentally transform america, well, you better stand up. come, follow me. well, hello, america. you know, i've been trying to figure this out, and there is one thing that critics of this program don't understand, that i think out loud, and these are not rhetorical questions that i'm asking. i really want answers. if i'm wrong, please let me know how. help me figure the puzzle out, because that's what this is. life has become a stupid puzzle for quite some time. i've known back in the bush administration when they weren't fixing the border and they said yeah, it's all about security, it wasn't right. it wasn't right. you know something's not right and you have k
in unfunded lie bill tizz, america. we're not paying for that today. there is more money going out of it today than is coming in. that is the road that we're going down. nobody has figured out how to pay it, to quote david walker, he said we're adding a wing to our house that is already mortgaged for more than it's worth. neil: adam, i was there at the president's speech and i came away from this thinking that was out to lunch on this or politically not astute on this. i think he is told a lot of party insiders, i'm going to kind of doublespeak on the public option. a lot of you will know a lot about this, but the camel's nose will be under the proverbial tent, and like medicare when it started, $65 million bucks a year t can only grow and did go and so will this. what do you think? >> i think your political instincts are right, neil. i don't think it is a crackpot suggestion that we're going to get some sort of reform bill here, because, remember, all the pez really needs to do is to get enough -- is to get enough of the democrats who aren't with him right now to support him, to get most of t
minutes, frank. >> thank you so much . also, he said president obama is trying to change america, but maybe not the change you bargained for. outspoken conservative actor john boyd will tell us why he is so involved and give us his take on health care reform. >> paul harvey commentaries were must hear radio. tonight steven mans thereto field talked about the legendary broadcaster's legacy it is an interview you don't want to miss. he had over 2300 career hits as a center fielder and produce hit music. bernie williams james with the little rockers tonight. you will enjoy the show. >> i trust that you and your family are having a wonderful labor day weekend. americans are pretty good about enjoying holidays, but not so good at knowing why we have them. we take off memorial day and for many it is picnics and water skiing than honoring fallen soldierings. we have president's day and spend little time on the virtues . we save money in the special sales in the department store . labor day one more run of summer fun . marks everything about back to school and start of the political seas
down hard on both bank of america and the federal securities and exchange commission. at issue here -- some huge bonuses that were given to merrill lynch employees, just after its merger with bank of america took place about a year ago. our justice correspondent pete williams in our washington newsroom tonight with more on this. pete, good evening. >>> brian everything about this is unusual. judges almost never flat out reject settlements with this and seldom with tough talk. one year ago today when bank of america agreed to acquire the wall street trading giant merrill lynch for $50 b the bank told shareholders merrill lynch agreed not to pay year-end bonuses to its top executives. but the sec says in fact bank of america did agree to let merle pay $6 billion in bonuses. today a new york federal judge refused to let bank of america pay a $33 million fine to settle a lawsuit the sec filed accusing the bank of misleading investors. the judge said it is absurd that bank of america shareholders having been lied to blatantly need to lose another $33 million. he said that would have the
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, hello, america. the congressman that i didn't know anything about a few days ago is now the focus of another firestorm, another emergency, oh, we have to talk about this for days and days and days. why? who is this guy? apparently during the president's speech last week, joint session on healthcare, after the president said "illegal aliens would not be covered," this congressman, wilson, said two words "you lie! " for his part, joe wilson apologized. the president accepted. now, may i be an adult here and ask if the president and joe wilson, the two parties directly affected and involved, did they not solve it like two grown-ups should? did joe wilson not do the right thing by calling him up and saying i'm sorry, mr. president trvetion inappropriate, and did the president not do the right thing and say i accept your apology, i understand passions get the best of us. why, for the love of pete are we still talking about this? i said last week i understand wilson's frustration, but i also said i didn't agree with the way he eh pressed it, but -- with the way he expressed it, but you
as the 44th president of the united states of america. >> the 20th century began with the birth of the naacp, and that journey led to the first black president in the united states' history. the president also sounded a note of realism. >> even as we celebrate the achievements of the last 100 years, we know that some remain. >> obama listed some of the barriers. >> we know as the economic crisis continueses for all americans, african americans are out of work just about as much as anyone else. >> the percentage is 9%, for blacks, 15%. second, prisoners. >> an african american child is nearly 5 times as likely as a white child to see the inside of a prison. >> third, hiv/aids. >> we know as the hiv aids devastates countries abroad, particularly in africa, it's continuing here in the united statescan americans make up nearly 54% of all of the hiv/aids cases. >> but obama is looking not for equal opportunity, but results. is this how equality or inequality should be measured? >> goods question, john. i would make a distinction. i don't think it's a very good measure of what formal legal obstacl
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captioning institute glenn: hello, america. welcome to the glenn beck program. these are the things that you have to ask yourself. you have to ask yourself these three questions -- one, how does the media sleep at night? when you see the story that broke this morning, and can you tell me how many hits has this story received on cnn, msnbc or any other network? zero. zero. how do you sleep at night, media? next question is where is congress? and the third one is will the united states of america, will the citizens, will the republicans and the democrats and the independents, not the politicians but the citizens unite on this story? if you believe this country is great but the corrupt are trying to take over the world, you stand up now! come follow me. hello, america. i have to tell you, i was reading thomas jefferson last night, and i see the light at the end of the tunnel for the first time in a very long time and i'm going to be covering that this saturday as we cover what is happening in washington, d.c. with the march on washington. it is the 9/12 project an
what i am feel, and my father, for us it was like christopher columbus discovery of america. and we discovered america for ourselves. we knew about america, but what we knew, america is very different. we knew something that we learn from mark twain of the 19th century american. and this new world and we trie to find out how it looks like. i found this book very interesting, but i'm just one of the detail of this book of the story. but from that aside, my first wish was why he wrote this? 50 years ago, visit from one little, one country to the united states. i think maybe thousands others at stake here. khrushchev was consenting, but others are eccentric also. president yeltsin was more eccentric. and when khrushchev came here gauges showed that i am like this conteorary politian, prefer to go to to the comedy news show and the cnn show because most of the young people terested in this, maybe it was part of this, my father's behavior. maybe it was because it was back through that not eliminated at that time. but in one visit. but it was changed. so why you wrote this book? >> well,
: hello, america. i want to look at the disturbing evidence that this guy is not who he is. before you see this, i want you to answer these three questions -- one, do you believe that someone's wealth should be taken from one group and given to another based on race? that's yes or no. should anyone who believes that work with the president of the united states -- yes or no? and how many times do we need to see these people that are crown selling and surrounding the president saying these kinds of things before we say wait a minute, what does that say about our president? plus, coming up in just a little while, i'm going to show you a new propaganda system that will boggle your mind that you will not see anywhere else. stand up, america! come on. follow me. i tell you, i -- hello, america. how are you? i have to tell you, i am increasingly concerned about our country because we have started to peel this onion, and it is layer after layer. the deeper we get into this onion, the worse it looks, but i am encouraged because i mean the ratings are outstanding. what was it? one in every 100 peopl
permanent seats. the united states of america, it already has permanent seats on the council. [unintelligible] the islamic conference should have a member see -- seat. then we have the g-100, the forum of small countries. perhaps they would have a permanent seat, also. if there are countries outside the ones i mentioned, may be a seat will be given to them by rotation every six months, outside the union, or australia, or another country. perhaps the russian federation or another member in the european union or the latin american union. perhaps this is the solution. no, this is meant for a vote, for the general assembly. this is a very important issue, and i want to mention that the general assembly is the master of the world. we are the nations. anyone outside, we do not recognize. we need to set up the necessary committees. [unintelligible] this is justice. this is democracy. the security council will be occupied by the country's -- the countries with nuclear weapons. this is terrorism. if you want a peaceful, united world, we should do that. it is up to you. [unintelligible
to all of america. this channel gets sometimes literally three times the ratings of cnn and msnbc combined. to snub chris wallace, who is hardly any kind of ideologue, one of the fairest people on television, it makes him look stupid. greta: did you know who joe wilson was before he yelled out that comment? >> no. greta: so there is a bit of truth that there? >> when that happened, everyone said that he was the weakest person in the world. greta: being rude does get you on the news shows, that is true. >> news is something out of the ordinary. yelling at the president in the middle of a joint session of congress does not happen every day. it does not mean that we are lionizing joe wilson. let me say clearly, it was the obama campaign that dropped the race question. that said the clintons were racist. they made the case to reporters off the record that the clintons were racist. for him to get up with a straight face and say this, -- greta: how did they bring it up? >> it was a whisper campaign that the clintons did not like him because he was black. famously it was lyndon johnson w
and take back america and that is the reason i'm here today. >> what was the final straw for you guys? do you do that all the time? was there something that you said -- >> no! >> this is outside of my comfort zone but i can't take it anymore? >> that's exactly right. because i'm 73 years old and i listen to you every day and i wanted to do something, and this is the -- i felt like something i could do and even though it is raining and whatever, i like to play in the rain, for this reason! >> and haskell, what was it for you that was the last straw? >> well, my main objectives are to get the communist thinking, acting public service out of the government and replace them with constitutional conservatives and to get back to the principles that our founding fathers founded this great country on. >> good, thank you very much. appreciate it. now to patti ann browne with the headlines. >> all right, glenn, thank you we'll look now live at a rally in minneapolis, minnesota where president obama is addressing americans on his health care proposal and let's listen in. >> president barack obama: an
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. america samoa is in the middle of the pacific ocean, about 2,600 miles from honolulu. john hendren has more. >> reporter: first, came the thundering earthquake, for three, terrifying minutes. >> all of the houses are really shaken. we hear a warning coming in now. so, we need to go. >> reporter: then, came house-sized waves. >> the tsunami or tidal wave in about 15 feet in height. >> reporter: the wave struck around dawn, 15 miles beneath the ocean floor. sending 4 tsunami waves, 15 to 20 feet high. burying coastal villages. >> the center and our offices are completely destroyed. >> reporter: it measured a rare 8.3 on the richter scale. and rose alarms on deadly waves as far away on new zealand. >> there's a risk that we have strong currents in coastal areas. >> reporter: there were tsunami watches in hawaii, to be ignored. on the mainland, homeowners scrambled to board windows in california and oregon, as residents feared the worst. >> our house is right next to the water. when it hit, we had to pull the kids in because they can't find them right now. >> reporter: for many, it's been
. if focus on the ideas and individuals that helped create some of america's greatest national treasures. next, he will have a look at baseball. ken burns, coming up right now. >> there are so many things that wal-mart is looking forward to doing, like helping people live better. but mostly, we are looking for two boeing strong relationships. because of your help, the best is yet to come. >> nationwide insurance problem supports tavis smiley. tavis and nationwide insurance, working to improve financial literacy and economic empowerment that comes with it. >> and by contributions to your pbs stations from viewers like you. thank you. ♪ tavis: always pleased to welcome ken burns to this program. through the course of his brilliant career he has become one of the great storytellers in history with projects like jazz, baseball camera and unforgivable -- baseball, and unforgivable blackness. his latest documentary focuses on the state parks and premiere september 27 right here on tv pbs. >> they are a treasure house of nature super, 84 million acres of the most stunning landscapes anyone ha
's own words that will fundamentally change america. watch this. >> what's the danger of czars and other special advisors? never before have there been so many executive posts that were not confirmed by congress, and who answered only to the president, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. while most of the criticism has come from conservatives dedicated to small government, transparency and the constitution, democratic senator robert byrd came out against these czars back when there were just 1/3 as many czars as there are now. in february he wrote a letter to obama, quote, "the rapid and easy accumulation of power by the white house staff can threaten the constitutional system of checks and balances," end quote. that is absolutely what is at stake here, and senator byrd, a democrat is, right to point out that a growing executive threatens the legislative branch, but byrd is wrong when he says, quote, "at worst, the white house staff has taken direction and control of program gram gram attic areas that are the statutory responsibility of senate confirmed officials." no. at worst, you
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